Sunday Night Fight: Frank Fellows vs. Will Stephenson - UIC 9 (Video)

Not since Tyler Durden has one man been surrounded by such rumour, intrigue and mystery. Many claim to know about him, a few have even claimed to have seen him in action, but still the question going around the internet for the past 6 months has been.....who is Frank Fellows?

He has garnered a fan following the likes of which we have never seen, with Cain Velasquez and Dan Henderson being hardcore 'Team Frank' members. It has even been rumoured that the powers that be in the UFC have already enquired about this mythical legend with the Tong-Po leg kicks and the dreaded 'F-Bomb'.

This past weekend saw Frank "String" Fellows return to the cage to settle a little in house rivalry with fellow Trojan Free Fighters standout Will Stephenson. The two did battle at the action packed Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 9, with the fight ending in the third round in dramatic fashion.

It may be a little shaky, but footage of the fight was captured, and was the only choice for the Addicted MMA 'Sunday Night Fight'.


Published by Lee Rabey - Sun, 24 Feb 2013 18:15

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