Strength and Honour 14 (Like A Fox)

Indigo Fox, Indigo Fox, Indigo Fox everybody's asking us about Indigo Fox!.... Indigo Fox, Frank Fellows....Indigo Fox over and over again.

I took a coastal drive down to Exmouth last week to check out Strength and Honour and Indigo jumped in, or Indy and Mark as we usually communicate. Anyways they decided they would come down and flex some video genius. (Can we still call it video?) Much to our delight the promoter said do your worst and gave them full freedom of the show.

So as I settled down to review the show and Indigo ran off into the crowd waving cameras and looking for action.

This is what they did.

And look out for the Axe Kick from hell.

Like them.

Published by Boogeyman - Sun, 11 Nov 2012 23:57

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