Shock n Awe 13

Saturday 9th March 2013

Venue: The Mountbatten Centre
Location: Portsmouth, England


U185lbs Shock n Awe British Middleweight Title
Mike "Big Daddy" Ling 11.5.0. (Gym01) vs Lloyd Clarkson 6.5.0 (John Skillen MMA)

U145lbs Shock n Awe British Featherweight Title (Vacant)
Phil Else 6.0.0. (Gods of War) vs Jason Furness 8.2.0. (AVT)

U135lbs Shock n Awe British Bantamweight Title (Vacant)
James "Scraps" Saville 10.5.0 (AVT) vs Martin Sheridan 6.1.0 (Shudan Dojo)

Scott "Too Hot" Pooley 7.3.0. (Gym01/Poole Cage) vs Mark Handley 4.5.0. (Spartan MMA)

U170lbs (Welterweight)
Danny Compton 3.3.0. (Exile MMA) vs Andy Kerr 3.3.0. (IPPON MMA)

U145lbs (Featherweight)
Callum "Little Country" Jones (Gym01) 6.1.0. vs Rikki Fortuna 1.1.1. (Newport MMA)

U155lbs (Lightweight)
Matt "Short Fuze" Hughes 2.0.0.(Gym01) vs Marcelo Jalopes 2.3.0. (Ivam Maciel BJJ)

U125lbs (Flyweight)
"G I" Joe Laurence 3.4.0.(Ippon MMA) vs Matt Webb 2.3.0. (Primitive Gym)

U125lbs (Flyweight)
Brett "Lil Ninja" Caswell 0.0.0.(Gym01) vs Joshua Bangert 0.0.0. (HMA)

Semi Pro MMA

U170lbs (Welterweight)
Gareth Millar 2.1.0. (Gym01) vs Benny Carr 4.1.0. (Exile MMA)

U145lbs (Featherweight)
Nathan Ford 1.0.1. (Newport MMA) vs "King" Balal Miah 2.0.0.

U68kg (Catchweight)
Thomas Holland 0.0.0. (Elements MMA) vs Kenny Kennard 1.1.0. (Gym01)

U170lbs (Welterweight)
Andy "Milky" Way 0.0.0. (Gym01) vs Shey Roberts 0.0.0. (Kyuken MMA)

U155lbs (Lightweight)
Alex Box 0.0.0. (IOWBJJ) vs Anton Bray 0.0.0 ( TNT Gym )

U185lbs (Middleweight)
Michal Rosenbaum 1.1.0. (Gym01) vs TBC
Amateur MMA

U155lbs (Lightweight)
Jon Clucas 0.1.0. (Gym01) vs David Russell 0.0.0. (SMAA)

U155lbs (On the day weigh in)
Ryan Marshall 0.0.0. (Poole Jiu Jitsu) vs Jason Culloty 0.0.0. (Elements MMA)

Published by Steve Wickett - Mon, 31 Dec 2012 10:42

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