Alexei "Boom" Roberts Talks Cage Warriors 52

With Just about a week left before his debut fight on Cage Warriors in London against Paul Redmond, we felt it was time to catch up with Andover's Alexei `BOOM` Roberts.

A fighter that truly lives up to his moniker like Alexei will always hold the Addicts attention and March 9th will be no different.

Dan Lloyd lined a few questions up for Alexei and Alexei knocked them all down.

Addicted: Hey Alexei, how are you feeling for your fight on March 9th against Paul Redmond at Cage Warriors 52?

Alexei: I'm super happy! I'm really excited to be fighting for Cage Warriors, I can't believe it, I'm going to put on a great show for everbody!

Addicted: Would you consider this the biggest fight of your career so far?

Alexei: Yeah I would, definitely the biggest show! I wouldn't say it's my most dangerous fight! It's lightweight. Paul Redmond's is like 5"9, so I've got less of a range issue with this fight! I'm really eager to get in there!

Addicted: In your last three wins, you've finished all of your opponents within the first 30 seconds, is that something you think you can repeat here, against Mr. Redmond?

Alexei: I think I can do that again! I'm pretty sure I can do something naughty against him, his ground work is better than the other guys, but his stand up isn't as good! I reckon I could do it easily. The last two people I've fought have been seasoned Thai boxers!

Addicted: What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

Alexei: That would be the Shock n Awe 15 second knockout for the belt, It was seen all over the world and has a sense of notoriety about it. To get a result like that on Shock n Awe is a huge achievement, I'm very proud of it.

Addicted: What would you say you put most of your emphasis into with regards to your training?

Alexei: I'd say definitely my hands, I've improved on that quite a bit. I've been working on ground finishes too, but overall definitely my hands have been improved the most.

Addicted: What has been the hardest part of this training camp for you?

Alexei: Dieting always! Training is too much fun, but I'm a fat man trapped in an athletic body. I came off the December fight in great shape on the 2nd, by the time it was the 31st, I was 91kg. I've always got my personal trainer around though, constantly doing weights and stuff.

Addicted: Obviously British MMA is on the rise, with such promotions as Cage Warriors, UCMMA, Shock n Awe and BAMMA rising in popularity, do you see us being able to compete with the likes of America and Brazil any time soon?

Alexei: That's a hard one. Eventually I do, I think we have to educate a lot of the public; on the other hand, the population is a big difference. Yeah I think we can eventually!

Addicted: And finally Alexei, you know how we do it? Outside of martial arts, what are you addicted to?

Alexei: Same old stuff, annoying the girlfriend, coconut macaroons and playing with my son. . I'm addicted to Ben `Boogeyman` Farrelly too!

Addicted: Any shout outs Alexei before we wrap it up and let you get back to the grindstone?

Alexei: I'd like to thank my sponsors,

Impact LPA,
The MMA Shop,
Body Armour,
, Athletic Fuel.

Addicted: Thank you very much for your time, it's been a pleasure speaking to you, good luck in your fight. "Booooooooooom"

Interview by Dan Lloyd

Images and overview by the Boogeyman.

Published by Boogeyman - Sat, 2 Mar 2013 20:38

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