Benny Carr Back On Shock N Awe In ‘Perfect Match-up’

Benny Carr is a guy who has been building something of a reputation for himself. Bursting onto the South coast scene in 2012, Benny soon found himself featuring in a highly sought after Shock N Awe bout, putting in an impressive performance but ultimately losing to Gym01 stand-out Matt Hughes.

Liking what they saw, Shock N Awe soon had Benny lined up for another fight and once again he travelled to Portsmouth to take on Martin Lovett, a fight he won in the first round in devastating fashion.

With yet another test put in front of him by matchmaker Brian 'The Jedi' Adams in the form of equally highly touted semi-pro Gareth Millar, Carr is back for his third consecutive Shock N Awe event and is looking to show the crowd exactly what he is capable of.

AddictedMMA are pleased to say we have been able to catch-up with Benny as his fight waits for him just days away:

Hi Benny we hope you are well. Your last outing on Shock N Awe saw you take home a first round TKO victory. What are your lasting memories of that win?

My last fight on Shock N Awe was great. I was happy to get my first win for Exile Gym and repay them for ignoring all the politics and just focusing on me as one of their own.
Martin Lovett was a top opponent with a long history of karate experience and posed a threat standing which is why we opted for the mat to secure a top position and finish the fight, which is exactly how it was executed.

How have things been going at Exile Gym? I understand there are some pretty intense wrestling classes going on down there?

Things at Exile are great, there's a constant stream of new and experienced martial artists pouring through the door every week. Our wrestling coach is Stefan Vasile and the classes he runs are intense! You will often see people come once and never come back again due to the intensity of the class. The knowledge he brings comes with 30 years Olympic wrestling standard training.

Have you been doing anything different with your training? You have a reputation for heavy hands and aggressive stand-up, will we be seeing any significant changes to your approach?

My training has changed dramatically. I've been focused on my ground game solidly since my fight against Matt Hughes, regularly competing in no gi competitions, and I have always taken a medal home whether it be gold, silver or bronze so I know I have the tools to deal with the fight on the floor. As well as that my wrestling has improved dramatically!

This training camp has been great, I've had cuts, bruises, tears and even pissed blood! I'm more than ready for this fight so you're going to see a faster paced and stronger Benny!

With your recent win do you feel like you are going into this fight with some momentum behind you?

Yeah. I feel as though now I have my first win at Exile that's a little less pressure, but that win helped me focus on the training for this next fight as I want my hand raised more than ever before!

Your fight with Gareth Millar is something of a semi-pro headline bout, there will certainly be a lot of people paying close attention. Do you feel like this is a significant fight in your development? Is there any more pressure attached to this fight than previous ones?

This fight is nothing short of a perfect match up. I'm really looking forward to it! This fight brings an opportunity to show everyone what I'm about and how I've improved with my time at Exile gym already; I think the pressure is on Gareth as he has to fight for his first time out of Gym01!

The way I see it is I have fought people with great stand-up like Alex Thorne and great wrestling like Matt Hughes, so I feel confident that I have the skills to pay the bills.

So what can you tell us about your opponent Gareth Millar? What will you be expecting from him and what is the game plan?

I've seen all of Gareth's fights and he looks to have a very patient approach whilst on the mat so I expect when he receives a few shots from me he's going to opt for a takedown and go back to his roots as a grappler!

My game plan is to push a relentless pace from start to finish and seize every opportunity to finish this fight!

Win or lose, where is Benny Carr in his career after this fight? Are the rumours that your next move could be to take a professional fight true?

After this fight I will be starting my professional career under the Colosseum Sports management umbrella which is run by Gary bond. He has signed me as a fighter alongside the likes of Louis 'KO' King so I will be well funded and trained for every single bout in the future.

Do you have a message that you would like to send to Gareth?

Gareth lets go to China town and go to war. We will put on a great show for Shock N Awe! I hope you're fit and ready for Benny!

Do you have any shout-outs or thanks you would like to make?

A massive thank you to exile gym, as a whole they took me on as one of their own and focused all their efforts on me and Danny Compton for Shock N Awe.

A huge thanks to my coaches Daniel victor Bourne, Kenshiro Boyce, Lee Taylor, Stefan Vasile, Gareth Blair, Rich Harding and of course the head honcho Jarrod speed.

All the training partners of mine at the gym who have rolled, punched and wrestled me through this fight camp, I thank you all!

Also my sponsors Inspire Sports Therapy, Room 13 health and fitness development, Colosseum Sports and Funky Gums for a fantastic gumshield.

And a thank you to Shock N Awe for having me on-board and finding me tough opponents, thanks to Brian Adams for the matchmaking.
And last but not least my friends that come to watch me and show their support every time I fight! They're always the noisiest bunch!

And the standard AddictedMMA question...besides martial arts, what is Benny Carr addicted to?

Right now I'm addicted to chicken and broccoli as it is weight cut time! But normally I'm addicted to peanut butter.

A big thank you to Benny for dealing with AddictedMMA with just days remaining before his fight. His bout with Gareth Millar features as the top semi-pro fight on the card and is sure to have the crowd on their feet as these two popular fighters face off against each other.

For more information on the Shock N Awe XII which is taking place at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth on March 9th just check out the Facebook group:

Many thanks to Little Red Charli Edwards for the use of her expert photography:

Published by Ruarie Farrelly - Sun, 3 Mar 2013 12:01

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