The Athey Overview; Paul "Titan" Taylor

Lyrics by Suzy Athey.

Addicted caught up with Paul Titan Taylor who is a Heavyweight Fighter with a record of 5-3-0. Fighting out of A.S.W at Powerbeck Gym in Wigan we caught up with Paul to find out what he has been up to recently and when we can expect to see him back in the cage after he sustained horrific leg bruising in his last fight.

Firstly, Paul tells us that his leg has nearly healed completely but explains it was very sore for about ten days after his fight. But thankfully there doesn't seem to be any lasting injuries and the swelling has nearly gone so Paul is feeling positive.
Paul sustained the injury in his fight against James Mulheron and we learned that James was throwing leg kicks which Paul wasn't checking. But was this the only reason that the fight didn't go Paul's way and the reason he retired before Round 3? Paul explains that he was already injured going into the fight and three days before he fought, he was in hospital with a torn calf muscle on the front of his left leg. He couldn't even put his leg on the floor and honestly thought he was done. But he hates pulling out of fights after training so hard and never sees it as an option, especially as his sponsors paid £600 for flights and he had forty people who had paid £24 for the coach which was non-refundable. With this in mind Paul would have fought whatever injury he had.

On the morning of his fight Paul's leg was badly bruised from his ankle to his knee and it felt weak but Paul thought the adrenaline would help him out in the fight which it sadly didn't. His movement was badly hindered because of it and everyone who had seen him fight before was shocked at the way he stood static and didn't look after himself. He now says he regrets fighting and should have been more professional and thought of his career. People were shocked to hear of Paul losing in the way he did but he takes nothing away from James who he said was awesome and did the job of beating up the guy he had in front of him.

Paul won't makes excuses and never does whether it comes to fighting or in any aspect of his life. Whether he wins, loses or draws he is a proud man but when he has people messaging him asking why he never looked half the fighter he usually is, he isn't going to beat around the bush and will tell them exactly why without needing to make sh*t up. Paul again reiterates that James deserves respect and is a warrior who has some awesome leg kicks! The leg kicks were what stopped the fight after the second round. Paul went back to his corner and his leg muscle felt like a solid mass fused together. The pain was so bad and he remembers that he couldn't hold his own body weight on it. He felt like he had been hit by a car and was trying to walk off! He had to retire as one more kick and he knew he would be done anyway. Paul will fight again soon and says it will prove to people just how bad his injury was.

We assume it must affect a fighter mentally and physically when they sustain an injury of this proportion and Paul explains that it is more frustrating than anything. Losing is not a great thing to have happen especially when you make as many sacrifices as Paul does. But this has made him hungrier than ever to compete and to learn from any mistake he has made. Irrespective of injuries, he still let a man kick his legs to bits and did not respond to it and Paul says you have to train any weaknesses that are exposed on any loss and come back having learned from it. Mentally Paul is pi**ed off and just wants to get in there and prove a point with his next opponent. He has learned more from losing to James than he would of if he had taken another fast win.

We looked back at Paul's earlier days and his pro debut and he tells us that his first fight was an amazing experience. He had never been to any combat event before and never seen MMA live or a cage or crowd like he did that night. It was the first time he had stepped in the cage ever! The event was Clash of Warriors in Nottingham and the crowd at the event was not only huge but also electric and an experience he has never had since that day. He felt calm and had no nerves at all. He remembers looking over at his opponent and not knowing what to expect but he knew he wanted it. He wanted to fight as it strangely felt right and when he lost he thought about training properly because it was something amazing and what he wanted to do with his life. So he started training and never fought again for two years!

Having had a fair few fights now, we wondered what fight Paul has liked the most and he said although he loved fighting Monson, his favourite fight is the more recent one against Scott Saward. When Paul fought Marian Rusu, Scott was also on the same card and remembers feeling sorry for the guy that was facing Scott. After Paul beat Rusu at UCMMA Dave O'Donnell announced to the crowd that Paul was to face Scott next and after a gulp he thought he would do it.
He went away and did some homework on Scott and saw that he had won just about everything he had entered in devastating KO fashion and being honest Paul says he was shi**ing himself! Scott is not just a big guy but is also very talented. He is well over 20 stone and 6ft 7" compared to Pauls 16 and a half stone and 5ft 10" frame. His family recalled the crowd laughing and booing when they entered and squared up, thinking that the 'little guy' had no chance. Paul remembers thinking that he could be getting his KO ticket but he remained calm and waited for an opening that came at 33 seconds of round one. All of a sudden he was looking at the big giant laying on his back and thinking what the hell! Paul was such the underdog and to do what he did and get the reception off the crowd after was an unreal moment that he will never forget. Paul will next be fighting against Pobby Bennett on May 26th but he doesn't know too much about him other than he is meant to be a good up and coming fighter.

Paul has been out of training for a while due to his injury but he can't wait to get back to it next week. He has been doing some light work for a week and stretching his tendons, loosening up ready for his return to A.S.W. He needs to train now but the good thing about not training is that he gets to spend quality time with his family.

Having spoken to Paul a few times I know he is very interested in a rematch against Jeff Monson who defeated him early in his career. He says it would be an amazing rematch. I think a few, including myself would also love to see a rematch against Scott Saward but Paul says he has earned his chance to fight on UCMMA for the interim title so doesn't think a rematch would be on the cards, although if Paul were to win the title, Scott would be after him anyway so we may just get to see this in the future.

Paul is a fan of Safe MMA and says it is a start at trying to protect the fighters. The more professional MMA looks and acts, the more backing it will receive and this will only help the growth of MMA in the UK and help it be seen as a legitimate sport. At the moment so many people see it as an organised brawl. He isn't keen on the cost of it but as he points out, even in Boxing you have medicals and blood tests and they are a lot dearer than what Safe MMA are asking for. Paul appreciates that at present they are a non-profit organisation but does see that changing in the future once most of the UK professional fighters are signed up.
Obviously, like the majority of fighters, Paul is addicted to MMA but other than that his addiction is a simple one. He likes spending time with his partner Katie and his children and says he can't get enough of the time they have together whether it be days out or holidays. He says these are the best times for him and that they are his addiction in life.

It is always a pleasure chatting to Paul and we would like to thank him for his time. Paul would like to thank the following in his own words:
"Thank you to my coach Daren Morris and all the ASW team and Powerbeck Gym owners for all they have done for me I'm truly grateful. Also thank you to Central Fitness Gym. Thank you to my sponsors and all the people that support me and come to my fights you're all amazing. And thank you to my partner Katie, my kids Georgia and Hayden for putting up with me doing this and thank you to you guys for the interview".

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