Phil Else Returns to Shock N Awe 13

Words by Suzy Athey.

Philip Else is a 28 year old Featherweight who fights out of Gods of War MMA. He has a record of 6-0-0 and is next fighting at Shock n Awe on March 9th against Jay Furness for the Title.

Having trained in more traditional styles such as karate, kung fu and thai boxing from the age of 13, Phil first heard of MMA when someone at school showed him a pirate UFC VHS and being more attracted to the full contact side of martial arts, for Phil it seemed like an obvious progression.

There are many fighters and people that Phil admires but he says his 'geeky fan boy' favourite is GSP because he likes the way he carries himself outside of the cage and stylistically. He also likes his take-downs and positional game.
When it comes to the support of friends and family, Phil says everyone is very supportive. His wife worries more about how he will handle a loss after all the work he puts in, more so than him actually getting hurt and he is lucky as she understands the sport well and handles the pressure until the start of the first round!

Training for Phil is 2-3 times a day, 6 times a week. Every session is planned to avoid over training and tends to have a specific goal. The more physical sessions tend to be shorter but very intense whereas the more technical sessions are longer. In the lead up to a fight nothing really changes other than the twelve week conditioning programme with the Strength and Conditioning Coach and of course the specific game plan drills that are put into place for the particular opponent.
Being Head Coach of Gods of War MMA, Phil couldn't imagine doing anything else as he was obsessed with martial arts from an early age and cannot imagine what else he would be doing or even who he would be if he wasn't a fighter but his wife thinks he would have made a great teacher.

Safe MMA is now well under way and any initiative that improves fighter safety gets Phil's support. He goes on to tell us that the number of big promotions coming together to agree on any concept can only be good for the sport. Phil has the utmost respect for Rosi and Marc who are very genuine in their desire to promote and escalate the sports profile with no agenda.

With a record of 6-0-0 broken down into 3 sub wins, 2 KO/TKO wins and 1 Dr Stoppage Phil says he works hard to be good at everything but his top game and ground and pound are his strongest points. With only 2 of his 6 fights going past round 1, Phil likes to get the job done by only focusing on the fight and doing the best he can. He likes to keep the pressure on but also keep his discipline and says that a first or last round win is less important than the quality of the fight.

Phil made his pro debut against Vlado Mensez on FX3 and says it was an amazing promotion to have his debut on and being on the card was exciting. The way the fight ended made Phil feel quite cheated as Mensez just tapped out and gave up and Phil would have preferred to have lost than won by opponent tantrum!

Looking to more recent times, Phil last fought Nathan Beer on Shock n Awe, defeating him at 4m37s of Round 3 by Rear Naked Choke. When Phil fights him and his team spend a lot of time developing opponent specific strategies and for this fight, Phil felt Nathan had his strongest chance to beat him if he was drawn into a brawl. He continues to explain that it would have been foolish to rush a finish with someone as experienced as Nathan and his game plan reflected that. He wanted to break him, make him tired and get the finish when the time was right and in executing the game plan, Phil indeed got the win he wanted.

Just over a week away and Phil will be fighting Jay Furness for the Featherweight Title at Shock n Awe in Portsmouth. Fight night will see Phil wearing his lucky superman pants that his wife bought for him for when he made his pro debut and has worn for every fight since. His preparation and training has been going well and Phil thinks there are a lot of similarities in his and Jay's styles to the point he feels as if he is training to fight himself. Jay invests a lot of time in his training camps and will be in great shape and he favours the top game like Phil. It will be a hard fight but that is what both fighters want and it will have everything that you could want and would look for in a fight. Shock n Awe is a well-respected promotion and by winning the Title, Phil hopes it will reinforce his place in the UK rankings.

Looking to the future, there is no one in particular that Phil is looking to face but would be happy with anyone who is in the top 15. He also, like so many, is aiming to get to the UFC.

Our signature question as always - what is it that Phil is addicted to? Books. He is a real book worm and can't be without a book for more than a few hours. Also 1.5 weeks out for the fight he just dreams of carbs!

Many thanks to Phil for his interview and we wish him the best of luck for next week. Phil would like to thank the following people:

'My wife for putting up with me in fight camp, I know it isn't pretty. My battle brothers for pushing me in the run up to the fight and Shock n Awe for the title shot'.

Images 1-4 by Little Red Creative.

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