UFC Lightweight Terry Etim Exclusive Interview

Recently I got the opportunity to talk to exciting UFC Lightweight contender, Terry Etim. Once described by Joe Rogan as a lightweight equivalent to Anderson Silva, this Liverpool bred, Team Kaobon trained fighter is just as likely to knock you out as he is submit you. With a record of 14-3 and at only 25 years of age Terry Etim is only going to get better as time goes by.

Hi Terry, thanks for agreeing to sit down and answer a few of my questions! As you know i'm a big fan so this is a real honour for me!

Q - Let's start with the last fight you had inside the Octagon. In the first round you locked on a guillotine (which had me on my feet), did you expect Dos Anjos to get out of it and did you "gas" your arms out holding onto it for so long?

TE - Yes, I did expect to finish the fight with the guillotine and yes I also did burn my arms out, but that isn't an excuse for the outcome of the fight.

Q - Injury forced you out of your last fight towards the end of last year. How is that injury now and how is sparring going in the gym?

TE - I was gutted that I was forced out of my last fight due to injury. It is the first and, hopefully, the last time it will happen. Sparring is going really well in the gym and I am feeling really sharp.

Q - Any news on your next fight yet? Is there anyone you'd like to fight or are you happy with whoever the UFC throw at you?

TE - I don't have a date for my next fight yet but, hopefully, it will be soon. As for who I want to fight, as I have always said, I don't mind who the UFC put in front of me. The main thing on my mind at the moment is getting back in the octagon and back to winning ways.

Q - With all the talk about fighting team-mates, what would you say if Joe Silva asked you to fight Kelly, Etim or Sass inside the Octagon?

TE - No, I would never want to fight a team mate. Not only are we team mates, but very close friends and I would never like to put myself in that situation.

Q - You started your career by winning ten fights in a row, when you met Tibau on home soil at UFC 75 had you ever met a LW as big and as powerful as him before? What do you remember most about that fight?

TE - Yes, it's obviously a very vivid memory as it was the first ever time I had lost inside the octagon. I was only young at the time and it was a learning curve for me. As for my memories of Tibau, yes he was a big and strong lightweight but that's what you should expect when you reach the top level.

Q - After defeating Shannon Gugerty in Manchester at UFC 105 with yet another superb choke, you proceeded to jump onto the cage and give the cheering fans "the big one" ha-ha, everyone in the arena that night went wild when you did that and the chant of "Terry, Terry, Terry" echoed around the arena. What do you remember about that incident? It must of felt amazing?

TE - Yes, it was a great feeling to hear them chanting my name and the atmosphere was electric. It's always good to fight on home soil and the fans always give a great reception. Their support has been fantastic and I would like to thank every last one of them.

Q - You have three submission of the night awards to your name (UFC 70, 99 & 105). Do you go out trying to finish by submission with that in the back of your mind or do you just do what you do and let the finish come naturally by whatever means?

TE - It's been great to receive three Submission of the Night awards. I don't specifically go out there thinking I will get a bonus, I go out with the intention of winning and finishing the fight.

Q - When you win the award does Dana come and tell you personally or do you find out through the media?

TE - Dana White announces all the bonuses in the post-fight press conference.

Q - With all the fuss about the start of the fight of the Cerrone vs Kelly fight going down after UFC 126, what was your take on the situation?

TE - To be honest, I don't know what all the fuss was about. Paul isn't a dirty fighter and, in my opinion, there was nothing malicious about it.

Q - I've asked this question to a couple of the other Kaobon lads, but who do you have marked down as the one's to watch coming out of the gym?

TE - here are lots of great up and coming guys in the gym and I am certain that many will get into the UFC. Uche Ihiekwe, Mark Glover, Rob & Mick Sinclair, Greg Severs, Richie Downes and Mark Adams, to name a few!

Q - The lads at the gym speak very highly of you. Do you feel as if you're the "unofficial leader" of the Team Kaobon fighters?

TE - No, I don't feel like the "unofficial leader". It's nice that the lads speak highly of me as they are all such good fighters. We are a very close team and we all help each other out.

Q - Is there anybody you'd like to thank or send a shout out to?

TE - I'd like to thank my trainer, Colin Heron, for all time and dedication that he puts in for all of us. Without him, Kaobon would not exist. I would also like to thank all my team mates at Kaobon and also all my fans across the world for their support every time I fight and my family. Shout out to everyone at AddictedMMA.com.

Questions from the fans....

Jasyn Zangari - as a UK fighter who most fans associate with stand-up style like kickboxing, how did you go about becoming a Luta Livre protégé of Marcelo Brigadeiro with team-mate Mark Scanlon?

TE - Hi Jasyn, I formed a close relationship with Marcello Brigadeiro when I travelled to Brazil to train in 2007. Since then, Marcello agreed to come to England and take the full-time job as ground coach at Kaobon.

Lee Rabey - Your fight with Diego Gonzalez at WCFC "No guts, no glory" was refereed by Mike Tyson, that must have been surreal. What do you remember about the fight???

TE - Hi Lee, yes it was a very surreal experience, as I had watched Mike Tyson from a very young age and had been a huge fan of his. To be honest, I don't remember too much about the fight as it all happened very quickly. I don't think it sunk in until after the fight that Mike Tyson had actually refereed the fight.

Ben Farrelly - You've been in some horrific wars over the last couple of years, does he have any concerns over his future health?

TE - Hi Ben, haha, yes I have been in a few wars in the past but that's part and parcel of the job. I never worry about my health as I think MMA is a very safe sport and if you did worry everytime you stepped into the octagon, I would say you were in the wrong profession.

FINALLY.....What are you Addicted to??

TE - I am addicted to winning. I would say I am the most competitive person in the world ;)

Thank you for giving up some of your time to speak to us Terry. All of us at AddictedMMA.Com are big fans of yours and appreciate it. If you want to find out more about Terry Etim and the team Kaobon lads check out http://www.kaobon.com/

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Published by Steve Wickett - Sat, 12 Feb 2011 21:09

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