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Satoru Kitaoka vs. Will Brooks

Brooks is 7-0, Kitaoka is best known for upsetting Takanori Gomi in Sengoku when Gomi was still on top.

First Round: Kitaoka drops for a heel hook but Brooks fights it off. Standing up Brooks is owning him with strikes and lands several hard right hands and a huge slam. Back on the feet and Kitaoka trying for a takedown but cant get it. Brooks on top landing ground and pound. Kitaoka trying for another heel hook but cant get it. 10-9 Brooks. They are doing 3x5minute rounds by the way

Second Round: Brooks lands a hard kick and punch and slams Kitaoka immediately. Kitaoka is working for a heel hook again. Brooks landing big heel strikes to Kitaokas face. Brooks smashing Kitaoka with kicks and now out of the heel hook. Kitaoka is bleeding and now getting smashed with punches. The ref stops it. Impressive showing from Brooks in only his 8th fight, against Kitaoka who has fought over 50 times in MMA.

Will Brooks def. Satoru Kitaoka via TKO (punches) - Round 2

Marloes Coenen vs. Fiona Muxlow

Muxlow is 6-1 with 3 wins by sub. Coenen is the former Strikeforce women's 135 champ with wins over Sarah Kauffman and Liz Carmouche, who faces Ronda Rousey in February.

Round 1: This fight is 2x5 minute rounds. Have no idea why. Coenen is clearly the better striker here. Landing big punches and now knees to the head. Coenen landing hammer strikes on the ground while Muxlow is holding onto her leg. Muxlow on top now. Coenen rolls for a russian style armbar but Muxlow escapes. Now Coenen working for a triangle, then back to the arnbar and gets the tap. Coenen was a class above here. She should sign with the UFC. Coenen versus Rousey would be fun.

Marloes Coenen def. Fiona Muxlow via Submission (armbar) - Round 1

Hayato Sakurai vs. Phil Baroni

Baroni out first. This is his first fight since that wicked soccer kick KO in OneFC this August. He hasnt fought in Japan since Pride Bushido 11 in June 2006. Sakurai hasnt fought since defeating Ryo Chonan last year on new years eve. He's 4-3 on NYE in Japan.

Round 1: Immediately they clinch against the ropes. A minute and a half in and still clinching. Ref breaks them up. Trading punches for a second but back against the ropes. Baroni scores a takedown and in Sakurai's butterfly guard. Baroni working ground and pound but not landing anything significant. Sakurai striking from the bottom. Now they are back up. Sakurai flurries at the end and lands decent shots. 10-9 Sakurai because he landed better from the bottom than Baroni did on the top.

Round 2: Baroni rushes out but again they are back to clinching against the ropes. Sakurai with a judo side takedown and moves straight to full mount. Baroni escapes but Sakurai in side mount. Baroni gets up and they are back to the ropes. Baroni gets a takedown. Sakurai has butterfuly guard and nothing really happening. Baroni in half guard. Sakurai rolls for a heel hook but cant get it. Baroni lands some ground and pound but nothing big. 10-9 Sakurai. By the way, on commentary they just reminded me that the fights are scored as a whole, and not with the 10 point must system. i'll give a score round by round anyway just for the heck of it.

Round 3: Now they're trading, both guys landing some hard shots. Baroni may have hurt Sakurai as he shoots but gets stuffed. Sakurai lands a knee and now on top on the ground. Scramble and Baroni ends up on top. Baroni better do something otherwise i dont see him winning the fight if it goes the distance. Now trading again on the feet and Sakurai is tagging him. Sakurai stuffs a takedown and lands a knee to the body in the clinch. Baroni is exhausted and Sakurai might be too. Sakurai landing big jab straight combos that are rocking Baroni's head back. 10-9 Sakurai. I would have it 30-27 for Sakurai, and as a whole i obviously give the fight to Sakurai.

Hayato Sakurai def. Phil Baroni via Unanimous Decision

Melvin Manhoef vs. Denis Kang

Kang was at one time one of the very best at welterweight during his run in Pride. Manhoef is a kickboxer who has had an exciting if nothing else career in MMA fighting mostly in Japan.

Round 1: They are going at it early, trading big time shots on the feet. Manhoef lands a monster of a left knee to the body and Kang drops. A few extra shots on the ground and its over.

Melvin Manhoef def. Denis Kang via TKO (knee to the body and strikes) - Round 1

Bibiano Fernandes vs. Yoshihiro Maeda

Fernandes is the current Dream bantamweight champion, and the former Dream featherweight title. Maeda is the current DEEP bantamweight champion who is best remembered in the United States for putting on an exciting fight in a losing effort to then WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres in June 2008. Neither belts are on the line.

Round 1: Maeda throws a head kick which gets blocked and Fernandes does the same. Fernandes with the takedown and has Maeda's back. Big scramble and Fernandes locks in a triangle which quickly puts Maeda to sleep. Back to back quick fights on this show.

Bibiano Fernandes def. Yoshihiro Maeda via technical submission (triangle choke) - Round 1

Shinya Aoki vs. Antonio McKee

Brief intermission here before this fight. Shinya Aoki is probably the highest ranked fighter on this card, although some might argue Fernandes. He's lost to both Eddie Alvarez and Gilbert Melendez in America, but has been basically unbeatable in Japan the last several years. The knock on him though is that he hasn't beat a true top level fighter since the win over Kawajiri in 2010. McKee is 17-1-1 since 2003, losing only to Jacob Volkmann in his only UFC fight. Other than Alvarez this is arguably Aoki's toughest opponent since Kawajiri.

Both guys in the ring now so we are set to go.

Round 1: Aoki's Dream lightweight title is not on the line. Aoki lands a stiff right hook then clinches. Aoki gets McKee's back while standing and scores a trip, now working from the top. Aoki lands a few knees from the top. McKee gets up and slams Aoki down hard, now in Aoki's guard. Aoki tries an armbar but McKee avoids it right away. Now they are back standing. McKee with a standing side kick to the body. Hard knee to the body by McKee while they were against the ropes. Aoki gets the takdown but McKee is working a guillotine choke, but its not tight. Close round, really a 10-10 round but if i had to lean one way id say 10-9 McKee.

Round 2: Aoki lands a big right hand to start the round, and McKee strangely taps out right away. He might have took that punch right to the eye because he turned his back immediately after he took the punch. A replay shows that the punch landed square in McKee's eye. It was an overhand right.

Shinya Aoki def. Antonio McKee via Submission (strikes) - Round 2

Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Georgi Karakhanyan

Takaya is the Dream featherweight champion, but sticking with the theme of this card, his title is not on the line. He has had a successful career in Japan, defeating the likes of Bibiano Fernandes, Joachim Hansen, Hideo Tokoro, and Yoshihiro Maeda among others. He's lost each time in big North American fights, going 0-2 in the WEC and 0-1 in Strikeforce. Karakhanyan is 19-3-1 and a very solid fighter who last beat Micah Miller in the United States to win the Tachi Palace Fights featherweight title.

Round 1: Karakhanyan immediately drops Takaya with a right hand. Karakhanyan working from inside Takayas guard and now landing hard ground and pound. Now they're back up. Knee to the body by Karakhanyan and hes throwing heavy shots. Both guys landing good on the feet. Clinching against the ropes and Karakhanyan landing some knees to the body. Karakhanyan landed a good body shot leg kick combo and then a hard right overhand. Karakhanyan lands about 4 hard knees to the body in a row from the clinch. Massive left uppercut by Karakhanyan and then Takaya scores a takedown but the round ends. Would be an easy 10-9 for Karakhanyan if it was scored that way.

Round 2: Takaya throws a combo to start. Right head kick by Karakhanyan and he lands a hard right hand. They have been mostly clinching against the ropes for the last minute and a half. Takaya lands a left jab and a hook. Flying knee attempt by Karakhanyan but Takaya lands a punch and is on top. Karakhanyan is active on the bottom with up kicks and moving his hips. Takaya is looking for strikes from the top but nothing big lands. Close round, but id lean slightly towards Takaya 10-9.

Round 3: Big front kick to the face by Karakhanyan. They are trading power punches. Another front kick by Karakhanyan, and then he gets a takedown. Karakhanyan has moved to half guard. Now hes in full mount but Tayaka quickly regains half guard. Hard knee to the body by Karakhanyan. Now Karakhanyan has side control. Takaya has escaped and is trying to get back to standing but Karakhanyan is working to get him back down and does. Now standing and Takaya is looking to land punches but Karakhanyan keeps the pressure on with his takedown attempts. 10-9 Karakhanyan and 29-28 on my card, overall should be an easy Karakhanyan win.

Georgi Karakhanyan def. Hiroyuki Takaya via Split Decision

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Michihiro Omigawa

Main event of the MMA portion of tonight's event. Kawajiri has won four in a row since getting smashed by Melendez in Strikeforce, but this is only his second fight in 2012. Omigawa is returning to Japan after an unsuccessful 1-4 run in the UFC over the last two years. He is a perfect 5-0 in his last five fights in Japan.

Round 1: Kawajiri gets an early takedown. Omigawa rolls for a heel hook, but Kawajiri avoids it an is in Omigawa's half guard. Kawajiri throwing hammer fists from the top but they are pretty weak shots. Not alot of action through three minutes, Kawajiri has been in Omigawa's full guard for about two minutes. Kawajiri keeps working short hammer fists but Omigawa has him controlled enough that they aren't doing anything. 10-9 Kawajiri in what was probably the most uneventful round of the night.

Round 2: They are trading shots on the feet to start but nothing landing. Kawajiri throws a huge head kick that narrowly misses. Kawajiri gets the takedown about a minute and a half into the round. Kawajiri trying to get to side control but Omigawa is doing a good job of keeping him in half guard. Kawajiri finally gets to side control with a minute left. Now he has the full mount with forty seconds left. He's working for an arm triangle choke and it looks tight. Omigawa lasts till the end of the round, it looked like his arm was too high up for Kawajiri to finish the choke. 10-9 Kawajiri. This is a pretty bad fight.

Round 3: Omigawa needs to do some major damage to win a decision. Kawajiri gets the takedown 30 seconds into the round. He's in half guard again. Both guys are working hard but this fight is bad because Kawajiri is too strong on top for Omigawa to get off but Omigawa's good enough to stop Kawajiri from passing his half guard. Finally Kawajiri moves to side control and now mount with two minutes left in the round. He's working for the arm triangle again and this time he has over ninety seconds to work for it. Omigawa is out of danger. Kawajiri looking for the arm triangle yet again but Omigawa has his leg locked in half guard so he is safe for now. The fight ends where it mainly took place, with Kawajiri in Omigawa's half guard. Hard fought grappling contest but not the best fight to watch. Kawajiri takes this fight easily.

Tatsuya Kawajiri def. Michihiro Omigawa via Unanimous Decision

Thats all for the MMA action tonight. Enjoy the Glory 4 Kickboxing Heavyweight World Grand Prix. The first tournament bout should go down in about an hours time.

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