AddictedMMA Ring Girl of the Month: Leah Evans

Wales is a hotbed of MMA talent and the country seems to introduce a future star at every event AddictedMMA attend. Another thing the we have noticed at AddictedMMA is Wales also produces some SMOKING HOT Ring Girls and one thing we LOVE at Addicted is the ladies.

So we're more than happy to introduce this month's Ring Girl Leah Evans. The brunette beauty is the perfect way to start our 2013 feature as after close scrutiny Leah actually does possess the whole package. Stunning looks that could strike a man down at 20 paces and a body that is WOW.... Here's Leah guys!!

Name: Leah
Birthday: 6th January
Age: 29
Height: 5' 3"
Best Asset: Boobs
Twitter Account: @leahmirrielle
Favourite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Favourite Food: Chocolate or Steak
Biggest Pet Peeve: Bad drivers and internet trolls

AddictedMMA: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. How does it feel to be AddictedMMA's Ring Girl of the Month?

Leah: Super excited as I've followed the website for a long time.

AddictedMMA: Did you have a good Christmas and New Year? Have you made any resolutions for 2013?

Leah: Yes I had a fantastic time especially Ring Girling as Santa. I made a couple of resolutions, eat less junk and exercise more but I've broken them already!

AddictedMMA: Wales is certainly a hotbed for hot Ring Girls!! What is it about you girls in Wales?

Leah: I'm not entirely sure but I hear we are the best in the world (laughs), it must be all the rain we have....

AddictedMMA: Let's talk MMA for a bit, on a scale of One -Ten how big of a MMA fan are you?

Leah: I'm probably about an eight. I enjoy MMA and Boxing.

AddictedMMA: Who is your favourite fighter and why?

Leah: "The Axe Murderer" Wanderlei Silva.

AddictedMMA: What's your favourite MMA fight that you've ever watched?

Leah: Oh this is hard but I think it would have to be Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva from UFC 79.

AddictedMMA: So are you a lover or a fighter then? When was the last time (if ever) you were involved in a scrap?

Leah: I'm a lover but I've been in a fair few 'heated debates' I had one of the fighters fans come over the barrier at me once as she had a little too much to drink.. I got called a 'Wannabe air hostess'

AddictedMMA: Most fighters have nicknames. If you HAD to have an MMA nickname, what would it be and why?

Leah: I'd probably be "boobs." All of my friends call me 'Leah Boobs' anyway.

AddictedMMA: As you're a gorgeous woman yourself who would you rate as the hottest female on the planet right now?

Leah: Well it's a close tie between me and Sally Morris, she's beautiful inside and out.

Failing me and Sally I'd probably say Angelina Jolie

AddictedMMA: AddictedMMA: Do you have any final messages for the Addicts reading this?

Leah: Hi everyone, hope your all being good! If you're not and you're being bad at least be very good at being bad!!

AddictedMMA: AddictedMMA: And is there anyone you'd like to thank or give a shout out to?

Leah: Yes, all the lovely photographers I work with, Huw Fairclough of Short and Round. Kristian Gaye, Jack Green and Scott Carey of Bombzilla productions, Oh and Sally Morris my fellow Ring Girl.

AddictedMMA: AddictedMMA: And we always like to finish our fun interviews with our signature question.... What are you Addicted to?

Leah: 100% chocolate.

Images by Huw Fairclough, Short & Round Photography

Published by Steve Wickett - Sat, 12 Jan 2013 11:12

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