Justin Bieber - MMA's Newest Judge

Its seems the musical anti-christ Justin Bieber has joined the rest of the worlds MMA fans by playing judge. According to Dana White, who was speaking at the UFC 132 psot fight press conference, the multi million selling popstar found himself scoring the Denis Siver Vs Matt Wiman fight in favour of the eventual loser, Matt Wiman.

"You guys are going to laugh at this one, but me, Lorenzo Fertitta and Justin Bieber had scored that fight, and I actually had Siver winning the fight, i gave him the first and third, and there's no doubt who won the 2ndRound.

"I think it's a little tough. Again, I'd have to go back and watch it, but Bieber and Lorenzo had it going the other way."

Now apparently an MMA fan, is it too much to ask for Bieber to sign up for an MMA bout and be thrown in against, oh i dont know, Junior Dos Santos or Alistair Overeem ??

Source: UFC.com

Published by Lee Rabey - Mon, 4 Jul 2011 14:20

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