Alexei "Boom" Roberts vs Andy Kerr. Full Fight!

BOOOOOMMMMMM that was the noise that echoed around Portsmouth's Mountbatten Centre on Saturday July 14th 2012.

What caused the noise? Was it a plane? A rocket? A bomb? Nope, it was Alexei Roberts' right hand that he sent crashing into Andy Kerr's chin after just 15 seconds of their welterweight title bout at Shock N Awe 11. Kerr simply didn't see the punch coming, Roberts winged it straight down the middle, it toppled Kerr like a tree straight back against the cage whilst Roberts stood with one arm aloft knowing that victory was his.

Below you can relive that moment thanks to the guys at Shock N Awe. Sit back, enjoy and please DON'T BLINK!!

If that has whetted your appetite for more South Coast MMA action then Shock N Awe RETURNS to the Mountbatten Centre on Saturday October 13th. Three titles are on the line so there is plenty at stake, chuck in ANOTHER 11 Pro bouts and three amateur fights then whatever you're doing on the 13th cancel it. Shock N Awe is in town, tickets are selling fast so don't delay and get yours today!

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Shock N Awe 12 Fight Card:

Published by Boogeyman - Thu, 30 Aug 2012 20:32

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