Louis "KO" King Finds An Opponent.

It's never going to be easy to find a match for a fighter of Louis "KO" king`s calibre. The guy is young, explosive and capable of a lot of damage in a short period of time. In the past six weeks four fighters have signed up and then pulled out of fighting him down at CSMMA Ultimate Conflict 3 in Guildford.

This will be for the 93KG AK1 British Title.

Promoter Gary Bond has been scouring the country up and down to match the man they call the KO King, and it has not been easy to find somebody who is prepared to take it.

And then the challenge was sent out to Louis. Up stepped Junior Quirke and he wants a slice of that cake.

Fighting out of the S18 Gym ,Junior wants a fast track up the K1 ladder
and if you want to be the king, you must first defeat the King. And Louis will not be prepared to lose his crown just yet.

An experienced boxer and 2-0 in the K1 game Junior believes he is the kryptonite to the KO Kings superman like KO power. And we all know what Louis game plan will be.....Seek and destroy!

So the question is hanging there, a K1 fighter with the sweet science behind him, against a K1 fighter with some of the most brutal hands in the world. Can it be done? There is only one way to find out..

Louis "KO" King vs Junior Quirke goes down this Saturday evening at the G Live in Guildford. A night stacked with big name fighters and loads of upcoming talent. Tickets are available here.


This event also includes the return of the UFC`s Oli Thompson as he takes on the threat of Ivan Pioneer. Boasting Louis KO King, Tommy King, Tolly Plested, Chris Harman, Steve Dossett, Julez Loftus, Charlie Langdon plus many more all fighting you do not want to miss this night of action.

AK1 is Pro K1 in 4oz Gloves, with use of Elbows and as many knees in the clinch as you like (Thai based)

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Published by Boogeyman - Tue, 6 Nov 2012 00:44

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