The Shock N Awe Bloodbath (Video)

If you like your steak rare, then you are going to love this fight, exclusively brought to you through AddictedMMA from the guys at Shock N Awe we have a belated Halloween present for you.

Not for the meek of heart or anybody of a nervous disposition this video shows how to effectively end a fight via the medium of Hellraiser. Mike Ling from Gym01 in Portsmouth after surviving an early onslaught from the ultra-tough Stuart Tyrie from the Chris Rees Academy in Wales gets a small window to unleash his machete like elbows. Like an explosion in a tomato factory the results left the audience stunned and the first five rows of the crowd dripping in blood.
Although shocking to watch the hugely tough Stuart Tyrie was fine afterwards apart from a Grand Canyon looking cut and was even heard to say "I think I might need a stitch in this one" afterwards. They make them tough in Wales that's for sure.

Anyways enough talk, lets get to the violence, make sure the kids are out the room because when the blood arrives, it arrives quickly.

The blood bath starts at about 11mins 10 seconds

Image 2 by Indy Briar of Indigo Fox fame.

Published by Boogeyman - Fri, 30 Nov 2012 10:01

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