Liddell and Ortiz Top List Of The Biggest Earners In UFC History

After every UFC event, we get to see how much each fighter has made from the bout. I don't know about you Addicts, but to sit down and add together the purses of EVERY UFC fighter since UFC 46 (the event that athletic comissions started releasing the information) requires more time then i'm willing to sacrifice.

Luckily for you, the guys over at have taken on the mammoth challenge. The dedicated group have added together every fight purse and every 'of the night' bonus to calculate exactly how much every fighter has taken home, and there are some real suprises.

Bear in mind that these figures do not include undisclosed locker room bonuses, sponsorships, cuts of PPV, or any other kind of payment that fighter may recieve.

Here is the top 10, and it may just suprise you.

1. Chuck Liddell - $4,320,000
2. Tito Ortiz - $4,075,000
3. Quinton Jackson - $3,240,000
4. Michael Bisping - $3,135,000
5. Georges St-Pierre - $3,102,000
6. Randy Couture - $3,045,000
7. Anderson Silva - $2,871,000
8. Brock Lesnar - $2,825,000
9. Rashad Evans - $2,697,000
10. B.J. Penn - $2,650,000

To check out the rest of 772 strong list, simply click the link below.


Published by Lee Rabey - Sat, 1 Dec 2012 13:54

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